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INTENSIVE SPA PERFECTION is an innovative skin-care cosmetics line that uses choice natural ingredients. The mud, salt & minerals of the Dead Sea have been renowned throughout time for their cosmetic & therapeutic properties and the 21 minerals, some of which are unique to the region form the basis of the Perfection formulas. We have taken these minerals and carefully blended them with natural plant extracts & essential oils known for their skin-conditioning, moisturizing and soothing qualities and we have enriched these formulas with vitamins
& collagen – vital ingredients for vibrant, healthy skin.

All of the Perfection Line products are mineral oil (paraffinum liquidum) and 'paraben' free and have not been tested on animals.

At Intensive SPA our commitment is to provide effective skin-care products of the highest quality, using the most natural of ingredients that are both kind to your skin and to the environment;

Natural Plant Extracts renowned for their soothing, moisturizing, healing and therapeutic properties combined with the rejuvenating minerals from the Dead Sea form the basis of the Intensive SPA Perfection formulas. Around seventy percent of the body's natural connective tissue in the dermis is made of Collagen and this is where the skins aging process occurs. By using Intensive SPA Perfection products that are rich in collagen, you can help stave off this aging process.

Vitamins are essential ingredients for healthy, vibrant skin and all of the Intensive SPA Perfection products have been enriched with a wealth of vitamins. Vitamin A is extremely beneficial when used to combat dry skin, vitamin C aids in the production of collagen and is therefore an important component for anti-aging products and vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidant.

INTENSIVE SPA Perfection facial

INTENSIVE SPA Perfection facial - NEW DESIGN

This innovative skin care collection contains a superb range of skin care products that are rich in natural ingredients such as moisturizing plant extracts, soothing essential oils, collagen and beneficial minerals and vitamins. This natural skin care line offers everything you need for effective anti-aging skin care.

INTENSIVE SPA Perfection Body


Offering the very best in natural head-toe skin care, this innovative product collection has been formulated using soothing plant extracts and essential oils and moisture-boosting minerals & vitamins.  Formulated from natural ingredients, this collection of products ensures that you have everything you need for healthy, supple and nourished skin.

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