The steady and phenomenal success of Intensive Spa has evolved as a result of many contributing factors. We are extremely proud of the excellent service our company provides. Our Customer Service team is always on hand to provide helpful advice and assistance when required and we pride ourselves on our ability to ship our products worldwide quickly and efficiently. We offer some of the most effective skin care products available today in addition to offering some of the most competitive prices. Our philosophy of providing superior products with superior service has fostered Intensive Spa's remarkable growth and success to-date.

What We Offer?

* Manufacturing and production under the strict approval of the Israeli Ministry of Health and according to FDA standards. No products have been tested on animals or contain animal derivatives.

* Competitive prices. Our policy is to provide the lowest possible prices for the highest quality product.

* Ready-made formulas that have been extensively researched and developed according to the market requirements and have successfully proven themselves over years of effective and beneficial use.

* In addition to offering more than 250 high quality retail and professional bulk products, Intensive Spa can offer custom blended formulas to meet your exact requirements. We endeavor to meet all of our client's individual requirements and specifications with regard to the products that they receive.

Superior Product Quality

Intensive Spa is renowned for its consistent high quality products which are created from the mud, salt & minerals of the Dead Sea. These unique ingredients have been combined with the most up-to-date as well as traditional natural ingredients known for their cosmetic benefits. D.S.C. have expertly selected the most effective and purest of these ingredients such as Plant Extracts & Marine Extracts, Natural Oils & Vitamins to enhance and enrich this superb cosmetics line.

Bulk Products

We are pleased to offer our extensive range of products in bulk for your company to package and label. For more information with regard to this option, please contact our Customer Service Team.


The Dead sea

Concept Development - Packaging design

We are able to offer concept development-packaging design, providing products packaged and labeled according to the customer's specifications and budgetary requirements. We offer a wide collection of quality, professional packaging to choose from, which have been manufactured by leading packaging companies both in Israel and abroad. We pride ourselves in our ability to source the 'right' packaging for each individual client.

Private Label

Since 1999, Dead Sea Cosmetics Inc. has been committed to the development and manufacture of innovative and advanced cosmetics based on the unique salt, mud and minerals of the Dead Sea. In 2004, this process evolved dramatically with the launch of the Intensive Spa line, since which Dead Sea Cosmetics has become an innovator and proven leader in this field. DSC produces and manufactures some of the finest, top quality skin-care cosmetics. We are proud to offer you an extensive selection of Dead Sea cosmetic products for your own Private Label.

Intensive Spa's products under 'private label' are distributed directly from its facilities in Israel to hundreds of the finest retail stores, salons and spas throughout the United States and around the world. Because of an efficient and independent system of operation, D.S.C's customers are always assured of timely and cost-effective delivery of its quality products. The cost savings realized by the efficient production methods that we offer also enables DSC to use the finest ingredients and technology available, while maintaining extremely competitive pricing structures.

Why Private Label?

As your private label product source, D.S.C is committed to your success. By offering our excellent range of products under your own label you will be able to:

* Promote your company and not another existing brand-named company and so protecting your own business.

* By selling products under your own label you will not be undersold through other retail outlets or competitive websites.

* By buying directly from DSC (the manufacturer) you are avoiding the middleman and therefore drastically cutting your costs.

* By marketing products with your own label, you will have absolute control regarding the pricing structure & marketing regions.

* By availing yourself of our custom blending capabilities and concept development packaging options you are able to customize formulas and/or packaging to suit your specific needs & specifications. As a result, you are better prepared to compete in the ever-expanding and diverse skin care market.

* We endeavor to provide the lowest possible order minimum requirements per product.


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